Individual Investors

Many self-directed High Net Worth Investors still believe that the best way to manage their money is to either pick stocks themselves or through brokers so that they can “beat the market.” However, all too often, they find picking stocks is a time-consuming, stressful and ultimately fruitless endeavor. In addition, traditional brokers are often less focused on generating returns for their clients and more interested in gathering additional assets. Consistently generating returns in healthy markets while protecting capital in down markets is a full-time problem and pain point shared by investors and advisors alike – a problem best addressed with consistent focus and intelligent tools.

To meet this challenge, Second Phase Capital employs best of breed technologies, such as databases that are constantly building stores of information in memory banks, as well as intelligently built decision making algorithms which constantly poll and stay in tune with ever-changing market environments. Such tools allow us to continually take inventory of the market’s structure while processing vast quantities of information, reacting accordingly in real-time. This level of data processing and data-driven decision making is an impossible task for an individual or an individual’s broker.

These tools and technologies are one advantage that set Second Phase Capital apart from traditional approaches.

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